Reports, Other Policies and Accounts

Other Policies

The Children's Safeguarding Policy is shown on the Children Young People's page of this website.  See below other policies related to Vulnerable Adults and Domestic Abuse

Parish Vulnerable Adults Policy Parish_Vulnerable_Adults_Policy.jpg

Parish Domestic Abuse Policy Parish_Domestic_Abuse_Policy.jpg

PCC Minutes

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September 2017 PCC Minutes PCC_Minutes_25-9-17.docx

July 2017 Minutes PCC_Jul_2017_Minutes.doc

May 2017 Minutes PCC_May_2017_Minutes.doc

March 2017 Minutes PCC_Mar_2017_Minutes.doc

January 2017 Minutes PCC_Jan_2017_Minutes_.doc

Annual Parish Council Meeting (APCM) Report

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APCM Booklet 2017 APCM-BOOKLET-2017.docx


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Stockwell Parish Acccounts 2016 Stockwell_Parish_Accounts_2016f.pdf