Church Services

The main Sunday services are:

  • 9.45 am at St Michael’s
  • 11.15am at St Michael's

 The themes of the readings are usually reflected in the sermons.  Both congregations come together for one joint service on the first Sunday of each month at 10.00am.

We are currently reviewing our worship and services and will be seeking to provide a portfolio of differing services to engage with many different people.



Lent offers us all an opportunity to think together about God and the big questions of faith and life. During Lent we shall run weekly discussion groups, meeting at 7.30pm on Tuesday evenings at St Michael's church. We shall use a new course from USPG, the mission society, called 'All Things Are Possible', with sessions on Prosperity, People, the Planet, Peace and Partnership. Please come: your contribution would be a vital part of reflecting together. If travel home is a problem, or if you want to know more, please contact our vicar, Erica.  We look forward to seeing you there.

If you'd rather think about your faith online, why not try the Church of England's latest app

#LIVE LENT - LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE takes you on a six week ONLINE discipleship journey in 2018 through the Gospel of John, exploring what it means to be a witness.

For each day fto EasterDay there is a short reading, a pause for reflection and prayer, and an ideafor a simple action that will enable the light of Jesus to shine through oureveryday lives.

You can find out more at

Or through the Stockwell Parish Twitter account @ParishSw9

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Palm Sunday, Joint Service - Sunday, 25th March

9.30am - Liturgy of the Palms, then Donkey Parade from St Andrew's Landor Road to St Michael's, Stockwell Park Road

10.00am Liturgy of the Passion at St Michael's

St Michael's Church

Stockwell Park Road



Holy Week

Monday, 26th March - Benefice Communion - 8.00pm at St Michael's

Tuesday, 27th March - Said Communion - 9.30am at St Michael's; 7.30pm Benefice Communion at St Michael's

Wednesday, 28th March - Benefice Communion - 7.30pm at St Michael's

Thursday, 29th March - Maunday Thursday - Benefice Communion - 7.30pm at St Michael's

Good Friday, 30th March - Garden Stations of the Cross in 45 Groveway Garden: 11.00am-12.30pm; Liturgy 1.00pm at St Michael's.  The Church will be open all day up to 4pm outside the service for private silent prayer.

Easter Day - Sunday, 1st April

9.45am Sung Holy Communion with Scratch Choir at St Michael's

11.15am Sung Holy Communion at St Michael's