Welcome to St Andrew and St Michael

Welcome to Stockwell Parish

We are a warm and welcoming community which worships at St Michael's, Stockwell Park Road, SW9 0DA.  An open Anglican church full of interesting ordinary people – professionals, NHS workers, teachers, unemployed, retired people.  We are single, married, divorced, single parents or widowed.  You’re always welcome here

If you haven't been to any of our services, please do come and try us out.  The 9.45am service is more modern and lower church in feel, with the 11.15am being a more traditional high church service.  Both normally have a sung communion on Sunday mornings, and extremely good tea/coffee and eats after the services.  Please note that for the rest of the year, Morning Prayer is being trialled on the 3rd Sunday of the month, with a short said communion straight afterwards for those that don't want to wait for the 11.15am or don't like that style of service.

There is also another church:  St Andrew's Landor Road, which is currently closed to public worship on health & safety grounds.  More information on both churches is set out on dedicated pages on this website.  There is also a map, so you can see if you are in the parish and where each church is.  We have lots of information on this website, which we hope you will find useful. 

First Time?

What Happens?

  • Worship and teaching and music 
  • Children's Church* 
  • Services last about 60 minutes
  • We share communion together every month at both services

* Stockwell Parish takes the safeguarding and care of children and vulnerable adults very seriously. Further information about this can be found on the Children & Young People page under Safeguarding.


Will I have to do anything?

  • Nothing is compulsory! You don’t need to join in anything unless you want to. All the words are in a service booklet and the hymn book.  Both very easy to follow
  • You’re welcome to sit anywhere
  • There’s no dress code
  • There is a collection during the service.  But you don't have to give money if you don't want to 
  • We don’t worry about noisy children!

How do I get there?

  • St Michael's is less than 5 minutes from Stockwell Tube station and there are lots of local buses.  There is some free parking on Sundays round the corner in Stockwell Park Crescent
  • We have step free access


  • Room for buggies inside and a toilet and baby changing facilities in the church building (through the door to the left of the main doors as you come in) 
  • Hearing loop
  • Space for wheelchairs
  • For older people who live locally would like to come and need assistance with transport, please contact the vicar, see contact details on the right of this page


  • We serve free tea, coffee and delicious eats after the service and would love to meet you and introduce you to other people.

News Headlines

Consultation on Community Uses for St Michael's


St Michael’s is going great guns and used intensively on Sundays, but rarely used during the week. This needs to change and a core part of the Stockwell Parish Mission Action Plan (MAP) is Community Partnership, a key element of which is opening up the Church building to wider use by and for the local community for non-spiritual use.   The Parish wants to see St Michael’s as a key hub of the Community that lives around it.  A copy of the MAP can be found on the Parish website:  http://www.standrewandstmichael.org.uk/spiritual-support/parish-strategy.php.  Fundraising and plans for repair and redecoration of the Church are underway and it is hoped that main body of the Church might be done by the end of the year.

 The Parish and the Friends of St Michael’s (the charity raising money to repair and refurbish the Church) now wish to consult on how the Community (congregations and neighbours) would like to use St Michael’s in the future.  This will inform thinking about what the options might be and how the interior could be arranged to provide flexibility of use, without compromising its core purpose or listed status.  It is expected that this will also generate income that to help maintain and support the running costs of the building.


Listed in the survey below are a range of options that are popular in other churches.  Please tick yes for that you would support and use.  Please also tell us if you have any specific ideas for those options and any issues you think the Parish would have to manage to make them work.  At the end of the survey please suggest other ideas we haven’t thought of.  The only constraints are compatibility with St Michael’s core role as a consecrated space and financial viability.  


Our Churches

St. Andrew's Church

St. Andrew's Church is currently close for publc worship on health & Safety grounds.  It would cost around £2 million to renovate current under-maintenance, not including much needed modern essentials as proper disabled access and toilets.  Its hall (Hammerton Hall) would cost a further £2.5 million on the same basis.  The hall is locally 'listed' by the London Borough of Lambeth as “of interest architecturally”; while the church is not. The church cannot raise the amount needed for restoration and repairs to limit further deterioration.  Discussions are underway with Lambeth as to the future of worship on the site.

St Michael's Church

St Michael's Church is listed as a Grade 2 building in the national register of buildings of architectural or historic interest.  It requires work to restore but has no severe maintenance backlog excluding rewiring, which we endeavour to undertake shortly.  However, to make it fit for purpose in the longer term would be very costly, the amount depending on the proposed changes made.  St Michael's Hall dates from the 1950s, has been well-maintained, but lacks certain facilities, for example a shower.