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Streamed service on Sundays from now on from St Michael's at 10.15am


Public Services may have been stopped due to the Virus, but St Michael's is now virtual.  Please join the service that starts at 10.15am

Instructions: Click on the link below just before 10.15am on Sunday morning and you’ll be taken through to the St Andrew’s & St Michael’s new YouTube channel, where you’l be able to see the service. Click on “Sunday 22nd March”, and you’ll be able to view the service. After broadcast, it’ll be kept up there for “on demand” viewing whenever you wish.(No log in is necessary, but if YouTube asks you for privacy permission, it’s OK to click accept!)  



Our Churches

St. Andrew's Church

St. Andrew's Church is currently close for publc worship on health & Safety grounds.  It would cost around £2 million to renovate current under-maintenance, not including much needed modern essentials as proper disabled access and toilets.  Its hall (Hammerton Hall) would cost a further £2.5 million on the same basis.  The hall is locally 'listed' by the London Borough of Lambeth as “of interest architecturally”; while the church is not. The church cannot raise the amount needed for restoration and repairs to limit further deterioration.  Discussions are underway with Lambeth as to the future of worship on the site.

St Michael's Church

St Michael's Church is listed as a Grade 2 building in the national register of buildings of architectural or historic interest.  It requires work to restore but has no severe maintenance backlog excluding rewiring, which we endeavour to undertake shortly.  However, to make it fit for purpose in the longer term would be very costly, the amount depending on the proposed changes made.  St Michael's Hall dates from the 1950s, has been well-maintained, but lacks certain facilities, for example a shower.